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Airbrush art Skyrim "Dragonborn"

As I'll give you a few ideas centered on how I have personally been successful in trying to sell my work and landing big commissions an airbrush artist. Most of these methods will charge nothing to you, and will be utilising the internet.

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1. Find Art Associated Communities

Yet another exceptional way to get known is to find art communities on line. A straightforward search in Google or another major search engine for 'art forums' brings you back hundreds of benefits. Visit a number of these internet sites, and join some of them that you find interesting. This can be very good for your art career as many of these may possibly already have some good connections to different art dealers, collectors, and museums. Make sure to link right back to your website portfolio from your own forum signature.

2. Social Networking Web sites

Those are just a several best ways to get your airbrush art out to the public eye, and they're a good way to begin developing a decent fan-base.

Develop reports on social internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You can begin adding friends that are also interested in art, and upload your portfolio for your Facebook account. One thing that I did was create a fan page on Facebook, this is a great well to offer a few of your art, and to keep people updated on what projects you're currently working on or have just finished. You can use twitter to send signals of art showings to your friends.