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These would be the most typical airbrushes obtainable in the UNITED STATES. This list is in no way a full list of airbrush producers, however they would be the most typical airbrushes available here. The final expression is essential because many of these manufacturers have models which are not suitable for painting models. An airbrush is made for a particular method such as paint or ink.

BADGER -- My own favorite. Badger makes brushes for each kind of use and their customer support is, I think, 2nd to none. Elements will also be easy-to find if you want them.

Badger also makes Chandler and Thayer airbrushes now. For modeling purposes, the Omni 4000 does every thing I want and is an airbrush.

I'll, nevertheless, repeat what I've been told often over: that they're unreliable. One time they'll be working precisely, another they'll be sputtering and spitting. I think (focus on 'Think ') this is due to poor cleaning of the removable tips. Apparently they're supposed to require hardly any cleaning, however in fact everybody else who uses them tells me the guidelines definitely SHOULD be soaked in thinner overnight to avoid clogging.

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Their machining is reportedly exemplary and they reportedly have among the steps around. Among the disadvantages to Iwata is the fact that they're often notably more expensive when compared to a equivalent Badger or Paasche and pieces for them have a tendency to be more expensive.

PAASCHE -- Paasche continues to be undergone the test of time, and their brushes have making airbrushes to get a lengthy time. They're simple to find, and supply of parts is great. Almost any art supply shop that carries airbrushes will bring Paasche.

Based on your individual preference this is often the good thing or a negative thing, and that's something that you'll need to choose for yourself.

AZTEK -- I'm perhaps not likely to get drawn in to a dialogue on Aztek airbrushes because I've never held or used one. I'll perhaps not pass judgement in it, nor will I advise or dissuade anyone within their decision to buy one.

Many people choose this style, others don't. It's an individual choice you will need to choose for yourself.

I'd also want to add that there are certainly a number of individuals whose abilities I respect greatly that have experienced positive results with Aztek airbrushes. I believe everything dates back to understanding and understanding your resources and having the ability to keep them in the way they require.