Copic airbrush

Copic Airbrush System

Hi Guys my copic airbrush system arrived and as I used to train in airbrushing I was facsinated to see how it worked. The video has some chatter at the beginning about airbrushing and some technique tips, then a test and a bit of a play to see how it works. I hope you enjoy - I know I did. Have a great craft day, Amanda 🙂

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This post will give some basic suggestions to you for airbrushing with Copic markers and a little more detail about having an air compressor and hooking up, for an endless reserve of air for your airbrushing needs!

Things you'll be able to airbrush:
I'll show a small number to you of those things which were airbrushed in my job below.

Airbrush System Sets:


The Air Grip, Air Adaptor & Aircan Hose may be utilized with an air compressor.
2. ABS - 2 (connected set can be directed - by air): Air Grip, Air Can D60 - The can of air has a built - in regulator. The WHOLE system cannot be utilized again (Ellen usually does not carry this choice, after you have used this can of air).
3. ABS - 3 (set is connected by air compressor): Air Grip, Air Adaptor - Demanded to use with either the Sparmax AC101 Windstorm Airbrush Compressor or Sparmax AC100 Airbrush Compressor Ellen carries (or acceptable aircompressor you may have).

Airbrushing Tips:
2. Make certain the "tallest" part of the Copic marker chisel point is on top (slanting down) and also the oval Sketch marker barrel is perpendicular, when inserting into the atmosphere handle:


3. Make certain marker is put into the atmosphere handle all the way), if you're not getting a great spray (or none at all. Try GENTLY pulling the point from the marker barrel only a small, when the marker is inserted correctly.

Canned Air:

Air Compressors:

Here is some advice about the ones Ellen carries, as well as directions on the best way to connect one, and a few hints:

An air compressor's air pressure must be between 20-50psi (best is 40-50psi). Under 20psi is likely to make the ink spray pattern rough; over 50psi really has the possibility to break the atmosphere grip. Both air compressors Ellen carries are quiet-functioning, zero maintenance, oilfree, 1/8 hp motor:

1. Sparmax AC100 Airbrush Compressor - Approximately 8 lbs.
2. Sparmax AC101 Windstorm Airbrush Compressor - Approximagely 9.9 lbs. Essential difference between this version and AC100 is this one features an automatic shutoff. The motor will automatically shut off, whenever you aren't any longer spraying.

And look how little the Windstorm Airbrush Compressor is -- not substantially bigger when compared to a standard A2sized greeting card (1/4 sheet of 8.50\" x 11\" paper)! This sits under my desk, prepared to go whenever I need it:


I was pleasantly surprised by just how fast & easy it really is to hook up and begin with the Windstorm Airbrush compressor -- just four easy steps:

1. Attach the Pressure Gauge/Regulator (silver unit to the far right of the picture below) for the compressor:



3. Join the straight hose to the air outlet to the end of the cylinder (to the left within the picture below) and also the opposite end of the hose attaches to the end of your own air adaptor hand grip (ABS - 3):

4. Plug in and you're prepared to airbrush -- that simple! Make certain to work in a space.

When Finished Airbrushing:
1. Pull the mark from the atmosphere handle and replace cap.

2. Unscrew (counter clockwise) the Air Control Screw on top of the air, if using canned air then bleed the air in the line (by depressing airbrush trigger).
3. Turn the equipment away, when finished utilizing the air compressor and bleed air from the line.

Now, so what are you able to do with your air compressor? & airbrush system Here's a small sample:


I picked a piece of Webster's Petite Papers that I liked to work with and put it under the Clear Plastic.


I wanted the airbrushing to really be on the reverse phase of the Plastic, so the shinier surface of the Clear Plastic could really be on the very front part of the framework.


The circle is where my photograph will go.


Here's what my Clear Plastic now seems like, using the masks removed:


Next, I liked to create a scalloped overlay for the front phase of the frame, to cover the picture (that's attached to the top phase of the frame). The center circle mask ensures the centre of my own ring overlay will stay clear, enabling it to shield and cover my photo, without adding any additional colour for the photo:


I used Slick Accents under a tiny bit plus the picture on every corner of the paper, to attach the patterned paper to the rear of the Clear Plastic:


Glossy Accents was also used to attached the piece on the peak of my own photo (on each one of the scallop petals, not touching the photo). Here, I found if applied to it since the airbrushed color will be removed by the Glossy Accents, you need to possess the airbrushing facing upward!

White Prima Flowers were airbrushed and customized to match the remainder of my own job - - R81 Copic marker was utilized to tip the white blooms and YG63 was utilized to color the smaller green flower:


White or cream accessories are amazing in order that they could be airbrushed to match whatever endeavor you're working on to keep on hand. A clear Dew Drop was likewise airbrushed and added to the centre of the flower group above.

Do not have a button that fits your job? Here, I used my same BG45 mark to airbrush a button:


To conclude, I cut and printed out some journaling and attached it to the very front part of the framework, using Mini Glue Dots. Martha Stewart's 3-in-1 Classic Butterfly punch was utilized to punch patterned paper and accentuate the airbrushed butterflies:


You'll find another example of airbrushing having an air compressor with this frame I created and posted around within the CLASSroom (the frame started out white!):


Airbrush-Compatible Products:
Ellen has many other products which are airbrush compatible and help in airbrushing your jobs. You'll find these listed within the Maker class within the shop, under Essentials by Ellen. These include:

1. You too can cut stencils by hand or utilize the form of the rubber stamp.
2. The product is black enameled metal that helps in holding your magnetic masks in place as you airbrush! It must be accessible within the shop in about fourteen days. You can surely keep checking the Essentials by Ellen class within the shop to locate it. I will be showing you the way to utilize it in my jobs within the following fourteen days.
3. Craft-a-Board - Ellen's chipboard-like substance that's thin enough to be used with most lowprofile and regular die cut systems and is really a soft white colour that takes airbrushing wonderfully.