iwata airbrush

Airbrush. What, How & Why - Part 2. Double action airbrush - Neo for Iwata. Tutorial

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The Iwata Revolution airbrushes are released with the brand new airbrush user in mind: Quality, Performance and Value. They shine in all areas - the way they look, the way they manage, and particularly the way that they spray. All parts are made to Iwata exacting standards of quality, and could really be removed for easy cleaning. The spray quality is exceptional for an airbrush of this price range and type, and one nozzle size does it all. An easily replaced Teflon needle packing, impervious to solvent based paints ensures these airbrushes are entirely appropriate for those using solvent based vehicle paints or hobby enamels.

* Internal mix airbrush
">* Redesigned cause mechanism and larger needlechucking nut for easy assembly

* Replaceable internal Teflon(TMark) needle packing to be used with solvent-based paints

* Value priced

Revolution Nozzle/Head Assembly
Each nozzle is precisely made in the business's most complex machines. They are hand tested to assure accurate control and fine atomization of the spray, and they are self sealing, which removes the requirement for dirty sealers. Unlike conventional brass nozzles, steel alloys are more permanent and resist damage from harsh chemicals.

Cleaning is easy also, when changing colours it just takes several minutes, place cleaner in the cup, run through, then a swift back wash, pour out and that is about it, I wasn't able to believe how much faster it was compared to my other airbrushes which may take me ages.

When you need to disassemble it, that's easy too, removing the needle chuck guide I noticed the lever is attached to it which makes it easy to replace after cleaning, you are going to find in cheaper airbrushes the lever is free and can be quite tricky to put back in.

Tip: The needle has quite a fine point, when cleaning the airbrush remove the nozzle, loosen the chuck nut and remove the needle in the front, once cleaned replace it in the front and not setting it from the rear of the brush, this will shield the needle point and stop it from being bent or blunt which will cause your airbrush to not work at it is total potential, and it will also stop paint from being pulled back up into the airbrush body. Using the airbrush you also get a little tube of superlube, no it isn't a sex aid:) only a drop of it in the needle will lubricate and shield it.

Pros: Comfortable to use, nicely balanced, easy to scrub.
Disadvantages: I'll tell you if I ever find any.

Excluding this one I have 4 airbrushes, the CR is by far the greatest, you can purchase cheap airbrushes from places like ebay (which I have done) and they will do the work, from my experience you get what you pay for, I've spent more on 4 airbrushes compared to the cost of the CR, just GBP81.73 which I feel for a well made precision airbrush, it really is terrific value for money. Not only that you get 5 years guarantee with this airbrush but airbrushes.com will extend that to 10 years. I believe that speaks volumes for the quality of this product.