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Airbrush sets - Iwata Eclipse HP-CS with Power Jet Compressor review. Iwata airbrushes are well known and highly recommended in the professional artist to the craftsman. A lot of this praise comes from its good design and durability. Iwata produces many different lines of air compressors and airbrushes for different application purposes.

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The Compressor

Iwata Power Jet Pro Compressor a strong twin-pump 1/6 Hp engine and provides two separate air pressure regulators for appropriate fine-tuning of air movement at two specific work stations. If you regularly use multiple airbrush the dual work-station feature is really helpful. For example, using the Eclipse for fine detail and having still another airbrush to protect larger areas or you can quickly switch between your two if you are using multiple colors. In addition it features a two liter air reservoir and an automatic switch that turns the compressor off if the tank is full. This reduces the demand and will extend the life span of the compressor.

The Evaluations

The opinions that people located online for the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush sets were largely positive. Set users liked the power to use two airbrushes at the same time and liked the flexibility of the Iwata eclipse. The purchase price on the Iwata is just a bit more costly than other airbrush kits.

The Airbrush

In addition it allows for utilization of thicker offers such as acrylics or enamels. This makes it excellent for model building, auto-graphics, fine-art, indicator painting and many hobbies or projects.