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Anleitung Schmuck Rohling mit Gel und Airbrush Nailart

Hier zeige ich euch wie ihr Glitzer mit Hilfe eines Schmuck Rohlings noch verarbeiten könnt.
Eine tolle Geschenkidee für eure Liebsten oder Kunden Nagelstudio

Everyone loves some sort of art or another. Lots of girls love to acquire their nails manicured. So why don't you join the two together? Well that is precisely what has happened. Airbrush art has combined with the manicure to give women great chances to make use of their nails showing off great artwork. The designs are only restricted to the stencils in which the artist could get their own hands on and the artists imagination.

This form of airbrush art has become very popular and a lot of salons throughout the world are offering this to their clients. In addition it's available on fake nails and are sold at virtually every store that carries fake nails.

The work area is very small and the artist needs to have mastered the techniques involved with airbrushing. One main problem that beginners face is over spraying. Over spraying is as soon as the artist sprays outside of the region in which they're attempting to spray. When working with nails that you don't want to end up airbrushing the person's fingers. So before attempting to do airbrush artwork on nails get some experience with airbrushing on larger surfaces.

Conditioned upon the type of airbrush art you are doing will discover the sort of airbrush that you desire. When doing airbrush artwork on nails go with either the Iwata HP - An or the Iwata HP - B. All these are ideal for airbrushing nails. Even if you don't go with the Iwata though remember to always go with named brand and not use any knockoff airbrushes.

You are going to need an air compressor that is made for airbrushing on nails. You are able to go with any little compressor that has an 18 psi although this one is the best one. Preferably get should you not go with the Iwata Silver Jet an air compressor that'll adjust between 10-18 psi.

The nail art masks are reusable masks that have an adhesive that won't leave any deposits in the nails. Of course if you're genuinely creative and very great you can freehand the airbrush artwork right onto the nails.

If not then take time and purchase nail art stencils and masks. The paint that you will use when doing airbrush artwork on nails is water based. A top coat and a coat are what protects the water based paint from being damaged. In addition, you will need to spray a light coat of whatever is known as varnish between the visuals and the top coat. Varnish is simply a water based clear coat that'll protect the paint from getting brush strokes when you apply the top coat.