airbrushed shirts

Airbrushing 3D illusion on t-shirt

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1. Practice and Work to Improve Your self. Be creative. Practice and make an effort to improve. Improve your airbrush text, improve your airbrush patterns, improve your trying to sell techniques. Buy educational airbrush DVD's that interest you and seek out videos on websites for example YouTube to increase and improve your skills.

2. Obtain High Quality T-shirts and Clothes. Use supreme quality name brands of one hundred thousand cotton or 50/50 t-shirts. Some top brands are Gildan, Anvil, Jerzees, Hanes, and Good fresh fruit of the Loom. 6.1 ounce is considered heavyweight. Continue to keep plenty of stock.

3. Work on Skill and Quality Before Speed. When you discover ways to airbrush, speed will come eventually. If you are just starting out, take your time. Work with perfecting the basic movements and the basic skills. Give attention to creating a good quality product.

4. Develop and Keep Clients. The important thing to any business success is developing and keeping customers. To do this you want to be professional and courteous. Work to educate your visitors in what you need to do. Pay attention to your visitors and figure out just what they want, and then provide them with what they want. Work to keep your customers happy. If you make a mistake, correct it, even if it means doing something over. If a customer is disappointed, do that which you can to make them satisfied.

5. The two most popular airbrushes will be the Iwata Eclipse and the Paasche VL-3. The Iwata features a bit finer point but is pieces are a bit more sensitive than the VL. Keep your airbrush clean and keep spare parts in stock, especially guidelines and needles.

6. Select a Brand of Airbrush Color. For most purposes including airbrush t-shirts, illustration, clothing, and license plates the 2 most common brands are Createx and Aqua Flow. Both have bright colors with good wash fastness. As it is really a bit thicker than Createx I personally prefer Aqua Flow. Createx requires a bit longer to dry, and I've to be careful to not spider when painting on solid objects.

7. Buy a Premium Quality Heat Media. It saddens me when I hear of individuals that have purchased an airbrush t-shirt and left using the guidelines to iron their clothing before it is washed by them. I do realize that there are some situations where an airbrush setup can not help a heat press, however, I believe in giving a complete and finished product. Something that a customer should buy and use or give as a gift, and not have to be concerned about the shirt fading. A good heat press will cost a lot more than an industrial compressor and many airbrushes, however it is a worthwhile investment.

8. Make use of a Reliable Compressor. Use a compressor with a holding tank and it is suggested having a backup airbrush compressor, in the event there are problems with most of your compressor. I favor industrial pancake compressors. I only use a silent compressor if sound can be a important aspect in the location that I am airbrushing.