airbrushed t shirts

Airbrush Set up for T-shirts at Home

This is how I have my spar room set up to airbrush T-shirts, keep it simple, paints, heat press, compressor, gun holders, projector. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

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1. If you're at all intent on planning to airbrush tshirts, you've to obtain an IWATA Eclipse HP-BCS Airbrush. It is a bottom-feed Airbrush, indicating the Airbrush color package links directly to the bottom of the Airbrush and is sucked up and pushed out the nozzle by way of a siphon made from the flowing air.

2. Make use of the appropriate Airbrush Paint - The 2 major people in Airbrush shirt paint are AQUAFLOW and CREATEX. In my experience, AQUAFLOW does 'flow' somewhat better but it is hardly noticeable. You are able to maybe not fail with either of the two top brands.

3. Use the right Tee shirt - a century pre-shrunk cotton or 50/50 blend. That gets rid of the majority of the loose materials and also protects a number of that initial color fade that is bound to occur.

4. Work with a good style - Take your time here. Amazing Airbrush tshirts do not just happen. Develop a good design on paper first. This way you can remove and make any corrections before you really put paint to shirt. It requires some control to attract first and Airbrush second, but believe me, you'll waste much less shirts this way and end up with an improved finished product every time.

5. I would rather stand when I airbrush tshirts. I take advantage of a big peg board with as my easel rack hooks. This makes it easy to change the height of my t-shirt board so I am often in a comfortable position to Airbrush without having to kneel or stretch to finish a stroke.

6. Prepare the clothing - After it's been cleaned once, iron it to have the lines out.

7. Spend some time - There is no rush, yet. Before you start doing centers or swap meets and take your show on the street, take some time to understand your skills first. Speed is essential and it will include time, but for now, focus on every stroke. Decide to try getting that great fade in 1 cross as opposed to 2. The less paint you put on the t-shirt, the greater.

8. Play to your strengths - It is absolutely good where you really excel, choose it but if there's 1 particular section of Airbrush tops to be versatile! Figure out what you want to paint one of the most and what you're best at, then master that area. It's easier to build a reputation for being the absolute best at 1 point, than it's to build a reputation for being rather dang good at a lot of various things.

9. Heat press - Spray your accomplished airbrush shirt with another layer of CREATEX clear traction, use a heat press to heat set it at 400 degrees for 20 seconds.

10. Rinse and repeat - you could possibly get pretty far as an Airbrush top artist, If you just followed the initial 9 steps, but who would like that? We want to function as the most readily useful Airbrush artist ever. Such as for instance a good man when said: 'Persistence and perseverance alone are omnipotent' If you took a drawing I did in first class and held it close to some other average first grader's drawing, you would not be able to tell which was which. Why? Because I practiced over they did.