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Auto Air Colors Airbrush Paint Guide - 4100 Series

Airbrush legend Simon Murray explains the 4100 Series range of Auto Air Colors Airbrush Paint. Includes airbrush techniques, how to's and tips.

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What're The Key Options That Come With An Airbrush?
An airbrush is just a of good use flexible instrument that may supply the finishing touches to some variety of jobs, as well as used for diverse purposes including spray tanning.
Once they have left the end of the airbrush outside mix airbrushes mix the air and color. Inner combination can mix air and color although they're still within the airbrush.
Supply - to ensure that color to be sprayed, it requires to be fed in to the airbrush first. You will find three different kinds of feed:

Activity - this describes the kind of trigger that's used to manage its purpose and the spray pattern. Double activity airbrushes need two steps, one for air and one for color.
Air Source - this is exactly what allows it to work and propels the air in to you airbrush. There are certainly a variety of different kinds available. Compressors are used by many people, and these can be found in a variety of styles and sizes for different uses. Alternately you may use cans of propellant if you do not perform a large amount of airbrushing. When it comes to quality, as a much better longterm investment a compressor will give you consistent air and calculates.
Siphon Feed - also known as bottom feed is the place where a siphon draws paint in the color step, meaning that changing the colours that you're using is quick and simple to do. Siphon given airbrushes may also carry greater levels of color so might be well suited for large jobs.
Part Feed - these airbrushes are common because of their versatility and the benefit the color step doesn't block your view to help you produce good effects!
There are obviously other parts that are involved with airbrushing, however these are a few of the main areas that have to be taken into consideration whenever you pick the equipment for your project.
One idea that could be taken into account, is that of an airbrush kit. An airbrush package is a good method for anyone to begin in the entire world of airbrushing.