learn airbrush tan

Spray tanning instructions - how to spray on tan- Learn airbrush tanning from the best in the biz!

Spray tanning instructions from Jennifer Saucier. She is one of the very best in the business. She is spraying Elle Helmer of the Oscar nominated film, "The Silent War" Jennifer owns Tangosun Spray Tanning product company and Prima Day Spa in Wilmington, NC. She has been involved in the industry for 14 years. She is one of the most successful in the business because she has been training and involved in equipment and product development for many years. Learn from the master for free!

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1. The best way to hold the spray tan gun accurately. The very first thing that you need to attempt to become comfortable with is holding the spray gun. Generally you hold the firearm in a spray tan and vertical position down and up. Try holding the gun in different positions until you locate the most comfortable manner that is appropriate for you as well as your spray tan gun. The gun must be held about 30 cm from the customer. You can hold it closer if they've requested a genuinely dark tan (I would not do that until you've mastered the technique).

I suggest using some cheap cardboard or paper to spray on and practice spraying directly down in an even line. Adhere the paper into a wall and practice the technique. This will assist you obtain your own gun setting your technique as well as right even.

3. Ensure that your customer has everything they need for your tan. Have a disposable g - sticky feet, shower cap, sting and moisturiser prepared for whenever you take them inside the area to become changed the customer.

4. Spray the customer in a downward vertical movement. Only spray the customer within the down movement. This can prevent over spraying your customer, making streaking spots and an uneven tan.

5. Communicate with your client on the best way to stand through the entire spray tan. If it's the customer's first tan be sure to certainly speak to the customer when you go and tell them each position they should stand in. Before you begin ensure you ask your customer if they want to get sprayed under their breasts and buttocks. Recall should you make a mistake and have over sprayed an area do not rub the region, pat lightly with a tissue and also come back to the region should you really need to to combine and respray.

6. Apply another coating if desired. It's really a great idea to ensure you have not missed any areas to duplicate the spray tan swiftly and softly. This will enable you to double check the tan and equally combine the tan.

7. Drying time. Request customer to eliminate their shower cap and check whether there's a white line around hairline. Remove moisturiser from palms of nails and hand if required. There may be excessive solution on body hair this can dry together with the air out of your spray tan machine. Dry the customers back with all the air from your HVLP (in winter it is a great notion to have additional heater and in summer a mobile fan to assist the drying process). They may nevertheless feel sticky when they walk out this depends on what kind of solution you're using some dry quicker than many others.

So follow these 7 Professional Rules on the best way to spray tan , nor be scared to begin tanning! Good luck and have tons of fun.