female airbrush body painting

Airbrush body painting with nude art models. Learn body art techniques by David Bollt

Learn how to do body painting with nude models. Get a behind the scenes look at the body art process of a master airbrush artist. David Bollt reveals detailed pictures of body painting and talks about how he improvises in this tutorial video. See how he works with nude art models to create incredible works of art on the entire body, including up close images of face painting.

David Bollt's images of painted models have appeared in many magazines and galleries. In this rare video he shares his perspectives on working with models and this unique form of art. See his work at Model Society, model mayhem and his website.

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Airbrush body art and body painting by David Bollt
Art model - Christine

Body painting is an artist that is allowed by an amazing form of body art to celebrate the great thing about the bare human body in a quite direct manner. The airbrush allows me to use colour and shading in soft subtle combinations that entice the observer to investigate each of the surfaces and kinds of the model's body for a work of fine art.

While I paint a naked model, I attempt to forget any plan I might have and let go of any thoughts about how I need it turn out. I love to enable and improvise my reaction to the model to direct the procedure. I think of body painting for a practice. It's extremely crucial that you let things flow. I feel a powerful impulse that doesn't feel right until I let the lines along with the colour property in only the right locations and in only the right quantities. Like I'm making something observable, that I might manage to see whether my eyes were capable of infra red or ultraviolet vision.

I generally begin with dark colours and construct layer upon layer, shading and blending as I go, working my way to the highlights of white and yellow. They begin to introduce new tones that I didn't actively anticipate because the colours combine. The whole procedure is filled with surprises. They key would be to observe the surprises quite carefully because they show up, so that I'm responding to them in real time. The surprise of a special colour blend can be the entire painting that is effected by a gift. It's like by chance discovering a vein of gold in a stone wall and following it wherever it could lead.

Usually when I create artwork, I get lots of focus on making the anatomy of body appear right. Among the amazing things about painting a body is the fact that the human figure is perfectly expressed. As part of the creative process the art model is right there. I have the chance to indulge within the enjoyment of decorating a delightful human form, instead of attempting to recreate the delusion of one.

A fine art

model will take to the identity of the exotic creature they see reflected back at them. How they go, the way that they stand, how they carry their bodies, and yet the way that they look at you, appear to take on an totally new character. The illusion about that which we create together appears to give them permission or inspiration to express an part of themselves they may not have known was there.